Ngiyaani's homestead was built in the middle of a bare paddock. One of the most urgent tasks therefore was to begin planting trees around the homestead that would give shade and air conditioning.

To aid the air conditioning effects, five ponds are being constructed around the homestead and water will reticulate constantly through them during summer.

A vegetable garden has been established on the Southern side of the homestead.

A chookhouse was built to house our much-loved Wyandotte and Rhode Island Red chooks and our rooster, Bert. They are great chook tractors, but fail miserably at plant identification.

Further from the homestead to the East, an orchard is growing. The water from the Biolytix sewerage system is pumped onto the orchard. We will build a fence around the orchard and it will become the domain of the chooks.

A good sized dam is situated on the boundary of the homestead garden. This was cleaned out and a ledge of sandstone positioned around the wall at the high-water level. The dam wall was planted with native shrubs.







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Ngiyaani's Evolution

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building chook house


building vege patch

trees planted on garden dam wall